Arbitrage Betting Strategy - your bets will be successful

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Arbitrage Betting Strategy - your bets will be successful

With arbitrage betting strategy, 100% of your bets will be successful. There is no mistake or cheating. This amazing system allows you to place profitable bets.

The only condition is to pick the same sports events with different odds. Of course, you can’t apply this strategy if you’re betting with just one bookmaker.

The bettor needs to compare betting lines of several bookies and pick the events with differing odds. This simple approach is what arbitrage betting relies on.

In most cases, the odds for a certain sports vary slightly across bookies. The difference is about 0.1. But plenty of sports events are taking place in the sports betting world on a daily basis. And different bookies still may have different views on the outcome of the same event. If you’re using arbitrage betting, searching for such sports events is your primary task.

How to place arbitrage betting?

We’ll break down arbitrage betting for you on the example of an ordinary football game.

Let us remind you that summing up all odds for the outcome set by a bookie gives more than 100%. The total may be 105% or even higher. In this particular case, 5% is a bookmaker’s profit margin. If the bettor bets on all three football match outcomes with the same bookie, their loss will exceed their winnings.

But if the bettor checks other betting sites and finds heavily different odds for the same football game, this is a great opportunity to try out their luck in arbitrage betting. You should bet on Team1 with one bookie, on draw with a second bookie, and on Team 2 with a third betting site.

How to pick the right moment for arbitrage betting?

This is easier than you think. You just need to sum up all three odds from three different bookies. If the total is less than 100%, you have an arbitrage bet. Place bets with three different bookies and get your well-deserved profit, whatever the outcome.

If the odds are the same, all sports bets are of the same size. This is quite uncommon, though. In most cases, each outcome features different odds.

The size of your bet is calculated as follows: Pi/SP,

where Ki is the odds for a certain outcome with a certain bookie; SP – the total of probabilities for all outcomes.

Arbitrage betting: pitfalls

The only drawback of arbitrage betting strategy is that the bettor needs to compare betting lines at several bookmakers to find a sports event with differing odds. This is a pretty tiresome and time-consuming job. Furthermore, most bookies tend to use the same odds, which makes applying arbitrage betting strategy useless. Nonetheless, an attentive and diligent bettor is sure to find a couple of highly profitable arbitrage bets.

Bookmakers know about the advantages of arbitrage betting for bettors. To prevent bettors from using the system, bookies reduce bet limits for the bettors suspected in applying arbitrage betting.