How to Pick Best Betting Sites

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How to Pick Best Betting Sites

When selecting sports betting sites for our rating, we focus on a couple of major requirements to the contenders.


The first thing we pay attention to is the reputation of betting sites. We know that bettors’ opinions are a very useful source of information. If many bettors are dissatisfied with a betting site, it has no chance of being included in our rating.

When analyzing multiple sports betting sites, make sure bettors do not have serious complaints about them. Opinions of real bettors will help you make the right decision. Large betting sites are usually the best choice, but bear in mind that almost any betting site has a couple of disappointed clients.

An alarming sign is when a medium-size betting site has as many dissatisfied clients as a large bookie. This probably reveals low level of service.

Check whether betting sites have problems with money withdrawals and paybacks. While a betting site may sometimes set limits and cancel bets, the possibility to withdraw your money on first request is a must.


User-friendly and functional sports betting sites make it easy even for a novice bettor to place their first bet. Unfortunately, some betting sites totally forget that a beginning bettor may find their interface confusing and clutter their pages with lots of excessive information.

Clear and simple navigation system was one of the major criteria used in our rating. Our advice is to take it seriously. Luckily, nowadays the best betting sites have intuitive navigation and cutting-edge mobile applications. Searching for a certain sports event and placing a bet shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


The best sports betting sites have no problems with licensing. Do not waste your time on shady betting websites that didn’t get approved by a regulating authority.