Sports betting sites: pros and cons

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Sports betting sites: pros and cons

A worthy rival of land-based bookmaker offices, online sports betting is getting increasingly popular nowadays. A bookie can be successful without having a brick-and-mortar office, i.e. by only taking online stakes.

Betting sites: advantages

It’s not surprising that many bettors are finding it highly convenient to place bets via online betting sites. First, it saves much of your time. You don’t have to leave your home and go to a bookmaker office to place a sports bet. Furthermore, you don’t have spend time on reaching your destination, standing in a queue, and studying a betting line.

Second, over the last couple of years, sports betting sites are offering special mobile applications to enjoy sports gambling right on your phone. Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a person without a smartphone. Now you don’t even need a computer to place a sports bet. All you need to do is to start your mobile application or visit a mobile version of your selected betting site. You can place bets via a couple of screen touches. Can it get any easier? There is more good news: some sports betting sites encourage their clients for using mobile applications through special bonuses.

Available statistics are another big advantage of the best sports betting sites. You don’t have to remember how a certain team or an athlete has performed over the season. Just visit a respective website section to obtain all statistical information you need.

Huge selection of sports bets is a big advantage the best betting sites can offer. A wide variety of sports bets boosts bettors’ interest in online betting. A bettor has an opportunity to wager on almost any event that may happen during the game.

Sports betting sites: pros and cons

Safe financial transactions are yet another reason to choose an online betting site over a land-based bookie. No need to worry about crediting money to the wrong account or having trouble withdrawing your winnings. Reliable betting sites always fulfill obligations towards their clients.

Moreover, the best betting sites are taking sports bets 24/7 which is a very important advantage for some bettors.

And last but not least. Bonuses are another major reason why the best sports betting sites are extremely popular among gamblers. While clearing your bookmaker bonus is quite a challenge, sports betting sites are holding special offers on a regular basis. It’s up to you to decide whether to take part in them or not.

Sports betting sites: cons

As you can see, the best sports betting sites have a pretty impressive list of advantages. Now it’s time to talk about things that may be not so attractive about betting sites.

When betting on a sports betting site, a gambler runs a higher risk of facing gambling addiction. Around-the-clock availability and lack of outside control may result in bitter consequences. If any of your friends or relatives is constantly placing bets online, do not leave them alone with their addiction. Remember that detecting a developing gambling addiction by yourself is close to impossible.

Sometimes, a bookie may charge additional fees for certain financial transactions (such as making a deposit to your account, withdrawing your winnings, etc). Such conditions are set forth in User Terms, so make sure to read the terms before registering with a betting site. Your selected payment system may also charge a commission, especially if your card and your bookie account have different currencies.

Furthermore, there is always a risk that swindlers may get access to your sports betting site account. Protect your account by using complex passwords. Avoid betting on other people’s computers. Make the habit out of closing your mobile betting application on your smartphone.

Long withdrawal times are another con of the best betting sites. For safety purposes, withdrawals usually take 2-3 days. The good news is that a deposit is credited to your account almost immediately.