Boxing Betting

If for you sports betting is more than just a hobby, you should consider boxing betting. Due to a number of reasons, bookmakers may set different odds for the same boxing matches. You can use it to increase your winning chances.

What is special about boxing betting

What makes box and boxing betting different from other sports betting is few really strong boxers. It’s not uncommon when a popular boxer fights against an unknown rival. But unknown hardly means unprofessional. If the public haven’t heard a boxer’s name, this does not mean that he’s good for nothing. The boxer may have a lousy manager or no money for promotion. Expecting him to lose, bookies set sky-high odds on his win.

What is special about boxing betting

Picking a bookmaker for boxing betting

A classical example is when a middle-level European boxer comes to the United States, where no one has ever heard about him. As most boxing matches take place in American rinks, inflated odds are a quite common practice.

This is the reason why you should take the advantage of boxing betting with America-based bookies. If you’re an expert in European boxing, you can secure a certain edge over local bookies.

Analyzing boxing betting

To bet on a certain boxing event, you need to know everything (or almost everything) about it. This is true for any sport, though. You need to know what rivals your boxer has fought against in the past, his technique, his style, whether he has has injuries, and more. Comparing the information about the two rivals, you will see which of them has higher chances to win.

Analyzing boxing betting

Along with statistical data, expert judgment is yet another crucial factor to help you make the right prediction. Focus on the opinions of coaches and sports reporters. Watch a couple of the latest boxing matches the boxer fought in. The boxer’s interviews before the match are also a powerful source of information.

To succeed to boxing betting, you need to feel the emotional vibes surrounding the event.

With savvy and thorough analysis, you can count on pretty good winnings.

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