Cricket Betting

Cricket events take place through the year, which makes it a perfect sport for sports betting. Note that the County Championship takes place in summer, when football and other team sports are traditionally on break.

Cricket betting has become very popular among sports bookies. Our preferred bookmakers offer a wide range of bets for multiple cricket events, including the Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, the County Championship in Great Britain, the Pura Cup in Australia, and low-key local events.

The leader among cricket betting is the Cricket World Cup, the fourth largest and one of the most popular sports events on the planet. The Cricket World Cup takes place every four years, a year after the FIFA World Cup and a year before the Summer Olympics. The Ashes – the spectacular competition between Great Britain and Australia – is the second most popular cricket event.

Types of cricket betting

A few other recommended cricket events include the ICC Champions Trophy, the ICC World Twenty20, the Asia Cup, the Chappell–Hadlee Trophy, the Australian Tri-Series, the Sharjah Cup, and other.

Types of cricket betting

Bettors enjoy a wide range of cricket bets, such as: .

  • match betting — you predict which team will win the game;
  • best striker — you predict which player will be the best striker in the game;
  • score betting – you predict the exact score of the game;
  • margin betting – you predict the winning margin of the game;
  • best player — you predict which player (a batsman, mostly) will score the most runs;
  • best opening pair – you predict which opening pair will have the highest score;
  • most sixes/outs — you predict which team will hit the most sixes or loses most wickets due to a batsman’s dismissal.
  • first innings winner — you predict which team will have the highest score in the first innings.

How to make cricket betting

How to make cricket betting

Role of statistics in cricket betting

Use statistical data to estimate how fit your selected team is. Draw conclusions from the last five games. The good thing about cricket betting is vast statistical data to help you make the right decision.

Cricket betting at the Ashes

The Ashes is getting increasingly popular among bettors. This spectacular event brings together the best cricket teams of Great Britain and Australia.

Key factors that impact the outcome include the edge of the home team over its rival, charismatic and influential players, weather conditions, and many other. Under certain weather conditions, you can’t go wrong with draw betting.

Find the best odds!

Cricket betting odds vary significantly among bookmakers. This is why you should open account on a couple of betting websites. Before making a bet, make sure to compare different odds to find the best option.

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