Types of Cricket Betting

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Types of Cricket Betting

If you’re a keen fan of cricket betting with bookies, you have probably developed your own highly effective cricket betting strategy. For those who’re still new to making money on cricket betting, we have listed the key types of cricket bets:

  • outcome betting. You predict a cricket team which is the most probable winner. If you guess right, you’ll get your well-deserved winnings. The size of your winnings is determined by the current odds;
  • top batsman betting is another highly popular type of cricket bets;
  • game score betting;
  • best player betting;
  • team/player total score betting;
  • bet on most sixes/outs;

The main question is still open. How to achieve success in cricket betting? Our advice is to focus on statistical data and to estimate physical shape and fitness of competing teams. Make sure to watch the previous five to eight cricket matches and try to make an accurate prediction. Think over and develop your own savvy cricket betting strategy to keep your winning chances high.

Types of cricket betting

Betting on the Ashes Series is new trend in cricket betting. This is a high-profile cricket competition involving Australia and England. The most important thing about cricket betting on the Ashes is to take into account numerous factors affecting the outcome of the game. These factors include the home team advantage, weather conditions, whether the game involves a favorite or not, and many other.

Remember that every bookmaker sets different odds for the game.The optimal approach here is to diversify risks and place small bets across several bookies. Before placing a bet, take your time to compare the odds across bookmakers and pick the odds that work the best for you.