Football Betting (Soccer Bet)

Sports bets differ by sports events. Football betting is the world’s most popular type of betting. It’s not surprising at all, knowing how many football matches take place every day all over the globe. With our football betting guide, you’ll explore online football betting in all detail.

About soccer bet and being sure about your predictions

Another reason why football betting is so popular among bettors is that most bettors are 100% sure that their predictions are accurate. Although this confidence is not always based on real knowledge and experience, bettors continue to make soccer bet.

About soccer bet and being sure about your predictions

Regardless of a bettor’s knowledge in football, accurately predicting the most probable outcome is a very difficult task. Especially if we’re talking about international matches bringing together soccer teams that have never played against each other.

Analyzing football betting

Situations like these make it clear that relying on your intuition alone is not a very reasonable thing to do. To make online football betting and soccer bet a source of income, you must carefully analyze every bet.

To make your own prediction about the future game, you need to start with analyzing statistical data. Find out how many wins and losses the team had in the latest games. Pay attention to frequency of games and the team’s position in the rating. Depending on the tasks solved by the team, you can see both substitute and top players on the field. Top players tend to participate in the most important matches. Another key thing to focus on the team’s morale before the game.

Analyzing football betting

Picking the right sports event

A bettor can rely on the odds set by a bookie, without analyzing statistical data. But this is a slippery way, though. In this case, you can forget about increasing your winning chances. As you probably already know, betting on the best teams is unreasonable, because they’re overestimated. If you want to beat a bookmaker in betting soccer, you need to pick underestimated outcomes, i.e. bet on tie or outsiders. But the only way to do this is to plough through loads of information.

Carefully analyzing any soccer bet is your long-term key to success. At the same time, careless bets will inevitably result in losses.

Football betting odds

What it is that a bettor focuses on when he bet football? Football betting odds, of course! Being able to calculate and determine your winning odds is key to success in football betting. To make effective soccer bet, you need to know what online football betting odds on sports betting sites stand for.

Here are football betting odds used by bookies:

- decimal odds (e.g. 1.38);

- fractional (mostly used in Great Britain, e.g. 4/5);

- American (e.g. -105 or 130).

All football betting odds convey important information –how much a bettor’s bet will increase in case of success. Looking at football betting odds, you can see how a bookie estimates winning chances of each team.

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Sports Betting - is my old love))) And betting on football is generally a separate topic, which can speak for very long. I think this is the most popular kind of sports betting. I think many will agree with me! Already found a few trusted bookmakers which have been working for a long time. Some find it through your site;)
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