Corners football betting. Strategy and useful tips

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Corners football betting. Strategy and useful tips

Corners betting opportunities are a relatively new thing in football betting lines. This may be the reason why may bettors are viewing corner betting as a pretty girl at a party: she looks attractive yet dangerous. We’d like to give you some tips to help you take a step further and try out football corners betting. This is not a flawless strategy – there is no such thing, although swindlers keep saying the opposite. But with it, you can learn how to place successful soccer bet and lock in juicy profits.

Let’s classify corner betting into pre-game corners betting and live corners betting.

Pre-game corners betting

When predicting the total corners and the corners handicap before the game, pay attention to the following:


A hypothetical Granada (guest team) will hardly beat a hypothetical Barcelona (home team) by number of corners taken. Corner opportunities come up only when the attacking team is taking the ball close to the rival’s gate. You shouldn’t expect any corners as long as the ball is in midfield, right? If Granada fails to push the ball beyond the midfield, corners are out of the question. Remember this when placing soccer bet on corners handicap. To refine your skills in total corners betting, pick the games with a hard-to-predict outcome.

Troyes, an outsider in the French football league L1, lost 11 out of 12 away matches by number of corners, most of them with a big spread. Only Bastia has shown a worse performance in away matches (0-4-8). Leading corner experts of the British Premiership include Liverpool, Man City, and Tottenham. As you can see, there is a strong correlation between professional level of the team (and its determination to maintain it) and number of corners taken.

Corners football betting


An attacking team takes more corner shots. If you predict correctly which team will be more active on the field, you can as well predict the winner by number of corners. This is the advantage of corner betting over outcome betting. Even if the team is dominating the field and attacking the rival gate throughout the match, it may lose the game by missing a goal in a counter-attack. But it may still win by corners.

Take a recent game between Liverpool and Sunderland. While the former only needed victory, the latter would be satisfied with a draw. Liverpool won the game by corners 7:2. Paris Saint-Germain, the leading French football club, has won by corners almost every home game. As of today, it has won 9 out of 11 matches, most of them with a big lead. This is a pretty common situation for such matches.

Home games

While Real Betis had slim chances of winning by corners at Camp Nou stadium, a home game is another thing. Pumped up by the cheering crowd, the outsider is playing more aggressively and taking more corner shots. Playing against Liverpool on the home field, Sunderland beat it by corners 6:2. Active support from the audience is giving the home team the courage to go forward and attack the rival’s gate. For example, when playing away, Milano-based Inter lost by corners to Empoli, Udinese, and Torino and drawed games against Chievo (8:8) and Sampdoria (9:9). When playing at home, the mediocre Udinese defeated some if its serious rivals (7:1 vs. Milano, 9:2 vs. Inter).

In this year’s British Premiership League, only 3 teams out of 20 have a big corner deficit in home matches. By “deficit” I mean the difference between corner shots taken by Team 1 and those taken by Team 2. In other words, in the long run even outsiders are catching up with top teams by number of corners. For example, in home games Norwich and Bournemouth have a bigger corner lead than Arsenal in away games.

Style of play

There are some high-profile teams using an attacking style. They pose great opportunities for betting on total corners Over. For example, a recent Barcelona vs. Real game featured as many as 14 corner shots. A match between Napoli and Sampdoria, the top Italian teams at the time, had 10 corner kicks. Attacking-style teams tend to spend little time on the midfield. Frequent attacks end in the ball crossing the end line more often.

The same goes for the teams that have nothing to lose. They won’t settle for a draw. Such games tend to be highly action-packed, so get ready to bet on total corners Over. In a recent Rayo Vallecano vs. Las Palmas game, total corners went over 9.5. Or imagine another situation, where both teams are finding themselves under great pressure and just won’t give up. A great example is a recent Chelsea vs. Manchester United game with a whopping 21 corner kicks. The Londonders were playing at home, while the attacking Mancunians badly needed a win after a disappointing losing streak.

At the same time, weaker teams are mostly playing in the midfield and taking fewer corner shots. For example, 82% of Malaga’s home matches – which is one of the British Premiership outsiders – featured total corners under 10.5 .


Teams with tall and strong footballers are constantly looking for corner opportunities. A textbook example is the West Bromwich vs. Newcastle game, where the guest team were defending the back while the home team took 18 corner kicks. If a team is good at side attacking, it opens up multiple opportunities to place soccer bet on total corners Over. But with its leading forward injured, a team will find it harder to reach the rival’s gate – which creates a good football betting opportunity for betting on total corners Under.


Rainy weather provides a great timing to bet on total corners Over. The ball is rolling faster, which speeds up the game pace. Hot weather is when you should place soccer bet on total corners Under. Footballers are acting more careful, as playing catch-up under the scorching sun is very hard.