Football Betting. Live corners betting

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Football Betting. Live corners betting

There is nothing hard about live corners betting. You need to make your betting predictions based not on the above factors but on what’s happening on the field right now. While the best way is to watch the game, some are using stats instead. Many bookmakers are providing live statistics on their websites, including such useful information as number of dangerous moments, shots, etc.

If the favorite is losing to the outsider and attacking their gate to level the score, you have a great opportunity to bet on total corners Over. A recent example is the game between Inter and Verona. Inter was losing to Verona during the most part of the match. In each time, Inter took five corner shots, which is quite impressive. As a result, the total number of corners exceeded 16.5. This is a quite typical situation when gate attacks result in multiple kicks and crosses, which is a sure signal to bet on total corners Over. If one team are trying to score a goal and the other team are defending their gate, this increases tension in the box, and the ball is always crossing the end line.

If the game is taking place on the midfield and both teams are fast and active, you should definitely opt for total corners Over. If the game is slow-paced and the teams are being careful and keeping their eyes on their box, then total corners Under is your best choice. To identify the game pace, you need to either watch the match or monitor live stats.

Live corners betting

If the favorite is taking the lead, you should consider betting on corners total Under. Especially if the favorite’s strategy is to sit on the lead (Juventus, for example). In this case, the game is shifting to the midfield. While keeping the underdog at bay, the stronger team are not attacking either. There’ s no chance of corner shots here.

I ‘d like to recommend you a smart strategy for live corners betting. If the first time featured too few corners, you need to bet on total corners Over in the second time. And vice versa. If before the break the teams took plenty of corner shots, you should bet on total corners Under. It goes without saying that you need to take into account other factors as well. For example, one of the teams needs to catch up but corners are still few. If other factors are in your favor, you should place a bet without giving it a second thought.

Furthermore, you need to know the standard number of corners typical for a game of certain league. The leader is the British Premiership League with the average of 11 corners, followed by Italy and Spain (about 10 corners). Bundesliga and L1 both have a little over 9 corners.

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