Football betting. How to make money on soccer bet

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Football betting. How to make money on soccer bet

The primary goal of any bookmaker is to make profits under any circumstances. For a bookie, any soccer bet, any sports event, and any outcome is potential source of income.

This is why a most ‘inconvenient’ bettor type for any bookmaker is a person who knows exactly how to manage their bankroll. An undesirable client is a bettor who places more successful soccer bets than unsuccessful ones, or whose winnings exceed losses.

Such a client knows perfectly well that any soccer bet must generate profits – either now or in the long term. This is what we call smart money management.

You may wonder how one can place a soccer bet now and expect it to bring profits in the future. There is always a risk that your bet may lose, and you won’t get anything.

But according to smart money management, a bettor risks their hard-earned money only if they are dead sure that the bookmaker odds are inaccurate, i.e. contain mistakes.

Football betting. How to make money on soccer bet

Sports betting analyses are only human, and any betting site can make a mistake. For example, a bookie may underestimate a certain sports outcome (e.g. the underdog winning the game) and calculate too high odds. By choosing an outcome with inaccurate odds, a bettor has pretty good winning chances. Even if your bet loses, your next bet on an underestimated outcome will definitely win and cover your previous loss.

It’s very important to understand that a savvy money management strategy won’t make even 50% of your soccer bet successful. But with high odds, a bettor still stays in the black in the middle and long term.

Furthermore, the number of your successful football betting may exceed the number of losing ones. But anyway, you can’t have more than 60% of successful stakes in the long term.

As you probably know, only seasoned and knowledgeable bettors have the skills to detect inaccurate odds. This is the main reason why bookmakers dislike professional bettors and do their best to undermine them.

Soccer bet limits are one of the most common methods to confront successful bettors. This means that a bettor can’t bet more than the set amount, which makes football betting almost useless. With such low soccer bet limits, you can forget about juicy winnings.

The good news is that a bookmaker can’t detect a professional bettor at once. So you have nothing to worry about in the first couple of months.

If you’re interested in using smart money management and beating bookmakers, you need to learn how to analyze every soccer bet you place and estimate bookmaker odds correctly.