Tips To Win At Football Betting

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Tips To Win At Football Betting

Statistics are cruel: 97% of bettors suffer losses in football betting. Only 3% of bettors win. Following tips from successful bettors should be an important part of your winning strategy.

Does it mean that bettors can’t keep winning? This is not entirely true. Remember the lucky 3%. The ability to place successful bets is hardly an in-born quality. Almost anyone has a chance of becoming a professional bettor. This text outlines some useful football betting tips.

Key guidelines for football betting

About use of statistics

First and foremost, you should collect any information on the upcoming game. This information is easily accessible in public sources. It seems like analyzing the game by yourself is a tough task. But using statistical data and knowing the goal of your selected team or athlete makes it easier to draw conclusions and make accurate predictions.

You don’t have to the calculate the odds. You just need to estimate the odds set by a bookie. There is always a chance that the bookmaker has made a mistake. Use this to your advantage to place successful soccer bet.

Football betting rules

Before placing a bet, make sure you know what stands behind it. In pursuit of new clients, bookmakers keep inventing new soccer bet. Bear in mind that the terms behind a soccer bet may not be as profitable as you expect.

Ordinary soccer bet

Avoid placing complex bets. Express soccer bet may not be the best choice for a novice bettor. Start with ordinary bets. Remember that professional bettors prefer simple bets to minimize risks.

Managing your risks

Savvy risk management is of crucial importance. Do not bet all your money on one outcome. The size of your bet should not exceed 5% of your bankroll. Follow this simple rule – and your bankroll will last.

Pick sports events you deem yourself an expert in. Avoid betting on sports events you know nothing about and fight the temptation to place big bets.

Do not rely on your intuition. Remember that statistical information is your best weapon. We hope that you find our tips useful and apply them to make successful bets.