What sets golf betting apart from other betting types

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What sets golf betting apart from other betting types

Golf is very similar to tennis. In both these sports, a player’s current physical shape determines the outcome of the game. Furthermore, any minor mistake may ruin everything. Although Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are considered the invincible favorites at any tennis tournament, they only meet 50% – in the best scenario – of their fans’ expectations. Golf is no different in this respect. A strong and renowned golfer will not necessarily win the tournament. There is a high chance that inability to concentrate and petty mistakes will prevent the player from winning the title.

Golf requires special analysis from a bettor. Information about injuries and head-to-head outcomes won’t be of much use. If a golfer suffered an injury but now they already can walk and swing, there is no need to focus on this. Luck is another important factor in golf betting. Sometimes, you just can’t deny a random confluence of circumstances that can change the entire situation. An experienced bettor may place a bet on a little known golfer as soon as they see that today luck is on their side and each stroke is a success.

Golf betting features

Below we have listed the Top 6 betting types preferred by bettors worldwide:

  • betting on the tournament winner;
  • betting on the cup winner;
  • betting on the threesome golf game winner;
  • margin betting, e.g. a spread in strokes made by the winner and the runner-up; whether the tournament will end ahead of schedule; in how many strokes the winner will win the game, etc.;
  • Top 5 or Top 10 betting, i.e. betting for your selected golfer to end in top 5 or top 10. A most easy, interesting and profitable bet for beginning bettors.

Seasoned cappers are convinced that you can earn much more on golf betting than on any other sports betting type. The only requirement is to be an expert in golf and golf betting industry. You need to follow golf news updates, watch tournaments, and accumulate betting knowledge and experience. With golf betting, turning 1 dollar into 500 dollars is quite possible. Predicting the correct outcome (i.e. identifying the trend) is not rocket science. Another important thing is that bookmakers pay less attention to golf betting due to it lower popularity compared to other sports. This results in frequent mistakes in golf betting lines, delayed updates, and other gaps you can make advantage of. Wrapping it up: pick golf betting if you want to compete with a bookie and win.