Guide to golf betting

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Guide to golf betting

Nowadays all major bookmakers offer diverse golf betting lines, including live golf betting opportunities. Still, to plenty of bettors, golf betting seems just as unusual and complicated as cricket betting or any other “exotic” sport. Nonetheless, golf is a very exciting game which is considered a sport for affluent and powerful people. This article explores basic golf betting rules and guidelines.

The game of golf has transparent and easy-to-understand rules. Some of its drawbacks include lack of national championships and infrequent game schedule. High-profile international golf tournaments are quite rare. This is why golf betting is viewed by many as an addition rather than a major sports betting choice.

Golf betting: where to start?

Before getting down to golf betting, make sure to learn all basic terms and read helpful guidelines. Feel free to use Wikipedia for clear and well-structured information. First, focus on golf rules. Second, pay attention to individual play style of the world’s leading golfers. Like tennis, golf is an individual game. Here you need to analyze not the entire team, but just one person that solely determines the outcome of a golf match. But unlike tennis, golf does not require as much stamina. To succeed as a golfer, you need logic, agility, and luck. This is why a golfer may still deliver a good performance even if they are having a headache or leg injury. In this case, a tennis player would have to pull out of competition or suffer a devastating defeat.

Guide to golf betting

Golf is a male sport originally. Of course, there are female matches as well, but they – just like female hockey – lack the “right” atmosphere. Golf is especially popular among the Americans, which means that every golf match has something of an unpredictable and spectacular show.

A major mistake made by beginners in golf betting

Now let’s talk about a most common pitfall for novice bettors. Beginning gamblers believe that you need to pick major golf tournaments and bet on the favorite. An approach like this won’t take you very far, though. In golf betting, the odds on the strongest and third-strongest golfers may vary greatly. The chances of the underdog beating the favorite are very high – even higher than in tennis. Suppose, the odds on the favorite are 1.50, while a third-strongest contender may have the odds of 6.00.