Golf Betting. Top popular tournaments for successful golf betting

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Golf Betting. Top popular tournaments for successful golf betting

Golf is a very special sport with unique rules and irresistible charm. The main thing that sets golf apart from other sports is probably the lack of national championships. Golf competitions are mostly major international tournaments. This article focuses on the most popular golf tournaments to hone your golf betting skills. Such competitions bring together the best golfers from all over the world.

Category 1. The Masters Tournament takes place in April of each year. This tournament only features the best of the best. A spectacular sports event for both die-hard golf fans and sports lovers. Winning the Masters is what any golfer wishes for.

Golf Betting. Top popular tournaments for successful golf betting

Category 2. PGA Tour is held across several continents, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. The competition features a series of tournaments. Established as early as the 19th century, PGA Tour is still keeping foothold in golf betting industry.

Category 3. The US Open is an annual competition staged in June. As the name suggests, this is an American golf championship with an attractive prize fund of 10 million dollars.

Category 4. The Ryder Cup is played in September or October. This is an exciting competition between continents (Europe vs. the United States) rather than individual golfers.

As we already mentioned, such tournaments feature highly accurate odds, which makes finding underestimated golfers close to impossible. Our tip is to focus on low-key golf tournaments. Such golf events are less attractive for both bookmakers and sponsors, and your chances of finding profitable betting opportunities are higher. Take a match between two equal golfers. A bookmaker wagers on a more famous golfer, based on their popularity rather than their actual play skills. But the bookies makes a mistake, and the match is won by the other golfer. Such situations are your opportunity to lock in juicy profits.

Top low-key golf tournaments include Fedex Cup, Cadillac Championship, Accenture, Sunshine Tour, HCBC Champions, and some others.