Types of Golf Betting

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Types of Golf Betting

Betting on favorite

While golf betting is pretty popular among bettors, it has very low odds. Even if you’re lucky enough to win, your won’t win much. But if you lose, prepare to part with a pretty large sum of money.

Outcome Golf betting

Try to predict correctly which team or athlete will become a winner or whether the game will end in a draw.

Matchup betting

In this bet, you need to select one golfer to finish ahead of another golfer. There is always money-line odds associated with each matchup, which means there will always be a favorite and an underdog.

Types of Golf Betting

Golf betting on tournament winner

While this type of betting has high odds, predicting the best player is quite difficult. The number of tournament participants may reach 144 golfers. Sometimes, you need to predict the winner’s citizenship. Note that different countries are assigned different odds. Seasoned bettors prefer to make several ordinary bets on different golfers.

Betting on position

You predict which place the golfer will take in the tournament table.

Betting on profit margin

You predict whether the tournament will end ahead of schedule, in how many strokes the winner will win, and difference between the winner’s and the runner-up’s number of strokes.

Betting on country’s best golfer

At major golf events, some bookies offer a special bet. You need to predict the best golfer among the players competing for the same country. Each player has their individual odds, depending on their skillset and experience. The odds may be as high as 25.0 —30.0.

Special bets

This type of bets are available at all major golf events. For instance, you predict when the golfer will end their career or weather conditions for a certain game.

Furthermore, you may be lucky to come across rare and profitable bets. These include golf betting on the best golfer in the group, the lowest number of strokes, the winner of a certain championship tour, whether the golfer will proceed into the next tour, total number of strokes during the season, and more.