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Horse racing is one of the most exciting, dramatic, and unpredictable sports in the world. Why is it so? At the race track, the audience enjoy adrenaline rushes experience a wide spectrum of emotions.

Horse racing originates from the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Back then, chariot racing was a very popular sport and entertainment. But gradually, chariot racing gave way to horse racing. The year 1789 saw a dramatic increase in the number of bookmakers that took horse racing bets. Horse racing was becoming a professional sport. Great Britain was the center of horse racing, with the annual turnover of horse racing bets amounting to 15 bln dollars.

More about horse betting

What sets online horse betting apart from other sports is speed. One race lasts 1.5-2 minutes on the average. Distances vary from 1,000 to 4,000 meters, depending on the type of race (with or without barriers) and the age of participating horses. So it’s hardly surprising why betters started to prefer horse racing betting to other sports: here you don’t need to wait long to know the outcome.

More about horse betting

Furthermore, online horse betting is a quite profitable business. You can win up to 10 mln. dollars on just one race. Another important thing about horse racing betting online is that races are held on a regular basis. Races take place almost every day, regardless of the weather.

To enjoy betting on horse racing online, you need to pick a professional and reliable online bookmaker that offers multiple functions and features. Moreover, you need to learn more about the horses participating in races. When betting on a specific horse, you must be sure in its excellence, including physical strength, fitness, and decent results in previous races. Moreover, you need to find out how much time passed since the last race and how long was the distance.

Types of online horse betting

Types of horse racing betting online include:

  • Win – you pick a horse that you expect to come in first.
  • Place - you pick a horse that you expect to finish first, second, or third
  • Quiniela – you pick two horses that finish first and second, but aren’t required to get the order right.
  • Double - you pick two winners in two consecutive races.
  • Super Double - you pick winners in four consecutive races.

Accumulator– you pick one winning horse for each race. If your bet won in the first race, your winnings are passed to another race, etc. If you predict all winners correctly, you win a round sum of money.

Types of online horse betting

Horse betting tips

Before making a bet in online horse racing, make sure you know all strategies and horse racing betting tips.

If you’re still new to horse racing betting online, you should bet on the favorite or an outsider with low winning odds. This will allow you avoid serious risk and give you a chance to win at the same time.

When betting on horses the three runner-ups with almost identical odds, you can count on small winnings.

Another pretty good strategy is betting on a couple of average horses, when the race lacks the favorite. Your winning chances may reach 50-80%.

There is also a so-called Dutch strategy when bets are distributed among several horses. On each horse, you bet an amount which would compensate your other losses.

Online horse racing is growing very popular today. It’s a pretty tempting way to try out your luck on the world’s best race tracks without leaving your home. With our website, you’re sure to find a bookmaker with a wide range of options and profitable terms.

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