Horse Racing Betting Strategies

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Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Contrary to common opinion, horse betting is not rocket science. The reason why many bettors avoid horse racing betting is that they are afraid to lose. But with a couple of simple strategies, you can significantly increase your winning chances. The good news is that you don’t even need to be a horse expert.

Strategy by Al Capone’s accountant

This betting strategy known as ‘dutching’ was developed by Dutch Schulz, one of Al Capone’s accountants. It can be successfully used by both beginning and seasoned bettors.

Here we’re talking about horse races with no obvious favorite. Looking at the odds, you can see right away whether the race lacks the strongest contender. For example, the lowest odds are 4.00. That means that although the horse is viewed as the leading contender, its winning chances are pretty slim.

If at least one horse in the race has 2.00 odds or less, dutching strategy should be avoided.

Dutching strategy is not complicated at all. You need to pick two horses (which you think are the strongest contenders) and place two standard bets.

For example, one horse has 4.00 odds, while the other has 5.00 odds. If you bet $10 on each horse, then in case of success you can win $40-50. Bet profitability will vary from $20 to $30, depending on which horse comes in first.

Feel free to apply this strategy to three or more sports bets. Remember to analyze the odds. A win by any horse must cover the total amount spent on bets.

Follow-the-money strategy

Follow-the-money is a pretty successful strategy for horse racing betting.

Unlike dutching, here the bettor needs to identify obvious outsiders. Then you need to analyze the odds. If the odds for the outsider are decreasing (e.g. from 69 to 44, then to 23), this horse is just what you need. What’s important is that the odds for the favorite do not change. This means that this horse is not popular among bettors.

If the above conditions are met, you can place an each-way bet on the outsider. Most of such bets will certainly lose, but the winning ones will cover your losses and bring your profit.

Bear in mind that to use this profitable horse betting strategy, you need to have some skills and experience in horse betting.