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Sports betting – especially football bets – are a very popular form of entertainment among sports lovers. However, with the odds set by a bookmaker, there is little chance of sports betting becoming a consistent source of income.

Drawbacks of standard sports betting

This problem is especially obvious in football betting. While the favorite’s odds are too high, the outsiders’ odds are more or less accurate.

The same goes for total bets and handicap bets. In other words, if a bettor agrees with the odds set by a bookie, they have a slim chance of winning in the long run.

Live online betting

The good news is that this problem is only typical for standard bets made before a football game begins. Live betting is another story.

Live online betting

As you already know, live betting allows you to make sports bets all through the match, till the final whistle. Initial odds are based on the odds known prior to the game, bettors’ expectations, and increased profit margin.

In the course of the game, live betting odds may change dramatically depending on what’s going on on the field (goal, penalty, game misconduct, severe injuries, etc). At the same time, a bookmaker can’t possibly monitor all live online betting events simultaneously. Automated system used by bookies increases or decreases the odds after every major action, such as a goal. But unlike human, the system can’t analyze the game. Only top live betting events are monitored by a bookie’s analyst. Less important games are just ignored.

This is the trap door a bettor can use to their advantage. Usually, as the game progresses (even with no scored goals), you can see which of the two teams is stronger. But as long as the score is 0:0, the bookie won’t change the odds. If you make live betting on time, you may predict the outcome correctly and win.

More about live betting

There are three optimal intervals for live betting.

More about live betting

The first interval for live betting is about the 15-20th minute of the 1st half, when you can already identify the leader. The second interval is early in the second half, when you can see in what mood the players came back to the field and what tasks they’ll be trying to accomplish. The third interval of live betting lies between the 70th and 80th minute. By this time, you can predict the outcome and the winner.

Live online betting in the last minutes of the game is quite rare, especially if the game is going at a mild pace.

Note that these tips are good not only for outcome bets, buts also for live betting on handicap and total.

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