Live betting 101: Introduction

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Live betting 101: Introduction

Live online betting is extremely popular among bookie clients. Making bets during the game is much more exciting that placing a bet several days before it.

In most cases, bettors do not follow a set strategy or system. Live betting is just an entertainment and source of pleasure. This approach is not quite right, though.

Live betting rarely features profitable odds. As the odds are calculated during the game, the bookie is trying to earn a profit margin. Nonetheless, you can still benefit from live online betting. Let’s take a look at some useful guidelines for live betting.

Sports betting at the end of the game

Despite pretty low odds, the bettor may decide to place a total bet during the last minutes of the game. Take, for example, a slow game in its 80-85th minute, with 1:0 score. Total odds vary between 1.15 and 1.2. This is very low. But if you bet $100, you stand a chance of winning $15-20 with minimum risks.

But according to statistics, the interval between the 85th and the 88th minutes is the time when a goal is usually scored. This means that the bettor will inevitably lose in the long run. The most important takeaway is that low odds at the end of the game do not guarantee you a profit.

Bet on favorite team

When it comes to a game featuring the bettor’s favorite team, many bettors prefer live online betting. This is hardly surprising: live betting makes watching such a game a dozen times more exciting. But not all bettors are able to estimate the chances of their favorite team correctly. Many believe that their team will necessarily win. Combined with low live betting odds, this approach may not be such a good idea.

Time limit

The special thing about live betting is that the bettor has limited time to make a decision. The situation on the field may change any minute – and so may the odds. This requires fast decision-making. But haste is the enemy of correct predictions. We recommend you to study the analytics and statistics before the event. You won’t have time for this during the game.

Size of live bets

Avoid risking large amounts of money on live betting. Unlike ordinary bets, live betting is associated with higher risks and slimmer winning chances. Minimize risks by spreading your bankroll by placing live bets at several games. The con is that you may have to watch several games simultaneously. On the other hand, you’ll most certainly find an exciting game to enjoy.