What makes live betting different from other online sports betting types

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What makes live betting different from other online sports betting types

Live online betting is an increasingly popular betting type among gamblers. A special thing about live betting is that you can place bets at any time during the game. On one hand, live betting provides multiple opportunities to make profits. On the other hand, you can’t succeed in live online betting without special skills and knowledge. If you have both time and money, it’s high time to enhance your gambling enjoyment by trying out live online betting.

About live betting

As the name suggests, live betting features constantly changing odds on sports events and outcomes. You can place any number of bets while the game is still on. If you follow the rules and manage your bankroll wisely, live betting may become a very entertaining and – more importantly – profitable hobby.

First and foremost, remember that most gamblers place live bets in a highly emotional state. Standard pre-game bets, on the contrary, are a result of analyzing the situation and taking all important factors into account. For example, you can estimate both previous and potential accomplishments of your selected team or player. Or listen to seasoned bettors’ opinions. If you are finding it hard to control your emotions, you should better say “no” to live online betting to avoid disappointing losses.

Live online betting is special

Live betting strategies

If your goal is to make stable earnings on live betting, you should start with identifying the amount you can invest in this venture. In other words, you need to set your bankroll. Try not to spend more than 5% of your bankroll on one sports bet. The only situation when you can increase your bet is when you are using the Martingale betting strategy. According to this popular strategy, if your bet loses, you need to double it to recoup your previous loss.

Do not get down to live betting without thorough preparation. If you just want to watch a game with your favorite team, then place a bet and just enjoy the match. But if you’re focused on making money, preparation is key. Suppose, you are going to watch a football match played between Team A and Team B. Make sure to pick a betting strategy you will be using for your live online betting.

As long as the game is still on, you can change your betting predictions, switch between different options, and adjust your selected betting strategy.

Here is an example to break it down for you. Suppose, you are going to watch a game between Team A and Team B. After analyzing previous performance by the two teams, you come to the conclusion that the teams won’t score more than 2 goals in total. How did you make this prediction? Your decision was based on the outcomes of the last couple of games and a recent injury of one of the players.

This is why it would be logical to place 15 dollars on total under 2.5 before the 35th minute of the game. However, one of the teams may score a goal, which leaves the other team wishing for a recoup. In this case, you should place a double bet on total over 2.5 during the game.