What makes live betting special

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What makes live betting special

Live online betting is defined as real-time betting on sports events. In other words, with live betting you have a great opportunity to place bets right during the match, while teams/players are competing on the field.

Early in the game, there is no significant difference between a standard and a live bet. Bookmaker odds are staying pretty the same as at the beginning of the game, till the first goal, removal, or penalty happens.

But as soon as some event takes place on the field, the odds start changing. Unlike standard betting, in live betting you are placing bets based on the events that have already happened during the match.

If the favorite missed a goal, their odds will go up. In this case, live betting on the favorite may bring you big winnings. After two goals, you may take a risk and bet on over 3.5 or even 4.5. The time is still plenty, and the teams may as well score a couple of goals!

How does live betting works?

They say that professional bettors ignore live online betting. To live betting, they prefer standard pre-game betting. Seasoned bettors visit bookmaker websites once a month only to place one single bet and lock in big profits. You may wonder why they’re doing this. The reason is that live betting needs constant monitoring.

First, you need to watch a live game broadcast – or least read its text version. Second, you need to monitor the odds for the right timing to place a profitable live bet with high odds.

In other words, live online betting is all about constant changing and movement with unclear outcome. The size of your live bet should not exceed 5% of your bankroll. Do not hurry to bet on the team that scored the first goal. The situation on the field may change any second, and luck may turn the tables in a nick of time. Remember that the underdog may very well beat the favorite and your bet will lose.

Furthermore, we wouldn’t recommend you to bet on over 3.5 in football live betting. This is especially true for the last minutes of the game. Only if the teams scored more than one goal early in the game, can you consider placing such a bet.

Live betting is an ideal money-making option for hockey and tennis events. Neither of these events features two half-times, and you can bet on period/set outcome. This live betting practice is addressed in a bunch of articles on our website.

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Reply #1 on : Sun February 19, 2017, 00:10:51
Live betting is awesome!! I have won so many times betting during the game and making right predictions! And I have been cheering for the games I have bet on so much! It is really great, and it is not just about the passion for sport, but also about the passion for money. I don't work, I just watch games, cheer and bet. And then I have money in my pocket. It is really easy and I have really happy life because of that!