Live Betting. How to succeed in live betting and minimize your losses

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Live Betting. How to succeed in live betting and minimize your losses

Live online betting may become a highly profitable pastime. But to achieve success in live betting, you need to learn everything about teams and athletes you’re going to bet on. Beginners will have to spend much time analyzing matches and learning to make accurate predictions. Our tip is to start with games featuring easily predictable outcomes.

Once you are experienced enough, you can switch to analyzing more complex sports events. With due effort, sports betting analysis will take just 5-10 minutes of your time. In other words, you’ll do analysis almost “automatically.” Stick with small bets and invest as much time in sports betting analysis as possible – and you’ll see your bankroll growing steadily.

Tips for successful live betting

  • Pick a sport you’re good at. Do not fall for popular live betting types (such as football live betting or basketball live betting) unless you have enough experience. By picking a sport which is close to you, you increase your winning chances multiple times.
  • Pick the right bookmaker. A bookmaker is one of the most important elements in the mix. First, you need to find a reliable and trusted bookie. Focus on the odds published on betting sites. Avoid low odds because you won’t make much on them. Second, check how fast a bookmaker can take bets from bettors.
  • Do hurry to place a bet. Take time to pick the suitable strategy. If you’re acting in a hurry and on emotions, you can forget about big winnings.
  • Do not increase your bet during the game. Suppose, you placed a bet on a certain team. Do not increase your bet even if your selected team is currently leading. There is always a chance that it will fail in the last minutes of the game and you lose your double bet.
  • Choose live betting only if have the opportunity to watch a live game broadcast. Otherwise, save live betting till the next time.
  • Live online betting is hands-down a most exciting and spectacular pastime. Learn to control your emotions, otherwise you risk losing your entire bankroll. Furthermore, avoid games with vague outcomes. If after analyzing statistical data, you still have no idea of which team or athlete will win, do not place a live bet. Remember that blind guessing is a very risky tactics in live online betting.