Another amazing NBA betting strategy

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Another amazing NBA betting strategy

To make this betting strategy work for your bankroll, you don’t need to be an expert in NBA betting or basketball in general. If applied long term, this effective system can secure a 17 percent increase in your bankroll. But learn to be patient as the right opportunities open up not as often as you’d want them to be. Furthermore, this betting strategy needs to be paired with other strategies. The good news is that the examined system has been tested on multiple NBA seasons and proved to be highly effective.

First, you need to bet on teams that incorporate overtime into their tactics. This may be decided by both team players and coach. For example, if the team is 2 points behind their opponent, they will be trying to catch up and gain the lead.

The tricky thing is to find the best odds in the bookmaker’s betting line. Odds on overtime hover around 12-14. Such odds are ideal for long-term betting.

Moreover, you need to follow some other important guidelines to lock in profits.

NBA betting strategy

You need to pick two equal basketball teams which are frequently playing overtime. This is easy to detect by looking at statistics.

But how to identify the right teams? If you’re good at NBA analytics, you need to calculate Team Total for each selected team. The spread between Team Total values must not exceed 5 points. Furthermore, avoid handicaps of more than 5 points.

Suppose, two NBA games that meet the above criteria are taking place on the same day. In this case, you can place a combination bet on overtime outcome in both games. NBA games are quite unpredictable, and double betting opportunities are not that uncommon. Be sure to take advantage of them.

There is another important thing to consider, though. Imagine the situation when you placed a combination bet with two high odds, and one of the teams takes a big lead. If you have some experience in NBA betting, you must have come across such force-majeure situations. Sometimes, this may happen in the game played between two equal rivals.

This article outlined the most common basketball betting types used by bettors worldwide. These are perfect strategies for beginning bettors to learn the basics. Once you’re feeling more confident, you can proceed to develop your own betting strategy and refine your skills.