NBA betting: Betting on favorite winning a quarter

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NBA betting: Betting on favorite winning a quarter

This betting strategy, whereby you bet on the favorite winning one of the quarters, is enjoying wide popularity among gamblers. To use this strategy, you need to use the Martingale system and keep monitoring the game till the desired outcome happens.

But how does this betting strategy work? There is nothing hard about it. First you need to select a basketball match to bet on. Be sure to select a match with a favorite and an outsider. In the best scenario, the favorite should be playing at home. Furthermore, odds on the favorite must be 1.6 at least.

In Quarter 1, place a bet on the favorite with -0.5 or -1.5 handicap. If your selected bookmaker does not provide the suitable handicap, you should better wait for better timing. If the favorite loses or draws the quarter, you need to place the same bet on Quarter 2. This time, your bet must be big enough to cover your losses from your first bet and secure a profit.

For NBA betting

Betting on the favorite winning a quarter is a preferred betting strategy of many gamblers. To use this strategy successfully, you need to be patient enough to wait for the right timing.

Note that your bookmaker may adjust the odds along the way. The bookmaker expects that the favorite will do its best to turn tables and deliver a better performance after losing in Quarter 1. Break between quarters is the best time to figure out how much the odds have grown.

The same strategy can be applied on outsider as well. When betting on the outsider, pick +0.5 or +1.5 handicaps. Betting on the outsider is done on a more case-to-case basis. There is a certain chance of the outsider winning some of the quarters, which is reason enough to use this strategy. The best odds for this betting type are hovering around 1.7-1.8.

Betting on the favorite/outsider to win a quarter works really good for NBA betting. NBA matches feature tough rivalry between the strongest teams, which makes any NBA game a spectacular show rather than a sports event.