Even-Odd live basketball betting strategy

[ 10.11.16 ]

Even-Odd live basketball betting strategy

To apply this amazing strategy, you first need to detect 1.80 odds on odd total score in each quarter.

To be able to use Even-Odd basketball strategy, you need to have at least 1,000 rubles on your bookmaker account. Go to Live Betting section and find a basketball match that is about to start or started just a couple of minutes ago. Place a 20-ruble bet on odd total score in Quarter 1. The odds on this outcome must range from 1.80 to 1.85. Done. Now you need to wait till the quarter is over.

If the total score in Quarter 1 is an even number, you bet loses. But do not let this loss upset you. You still have plenty of chances to win. Place 30 rubles (i.e. 10 rubles more) on odd total score in Quarter 2. If you lose again, you need to bet 90 rubles on Quarter 3. If you’re on a losing streak, place 200 rubles on Quarter 4. If you finally win, you get 360 rubles. You recouped 330 rubles you lost in three previous quarters and made a 30-ruble profit. Note that once your bet wins, you should quit the game. Go to Live Betting section again and find another basketball match that meets your requirements.

Even-Odd live basketball betting strategy

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about Even-Odd live basketball strategy. You need to keep betting on the same sports outcome and doubling your bet till you win (just like Martingale strategy). While testing out this strategy, you’ll notice that almost any basketball match has a quarter with an odd total score. This is how this strategy is generating money for a bettor. According to statistics, you can still make profit even if you’ve had 3 consecutive losses. If your bankroll is at least 1,000 rubles, it can very well stand 5 or 6 unsuccessful bets in a row.

Diversify your betting experience betting on even total score. But remember that free throws and three-point shots make an odd score a way more frequent basketball outcome than an even score.

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