NBA betting. How to earn on NBA arbitrage betting

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NBA betting. How to earn on NBA arbitrage betting

NBA betting strategies are very similar to multiple strategies applied in other sports. The game of basketball is using the same betting principles and rules known to you from other sports. The only exception is probably horse racing betting that stands out from other sports.

You can find a great selection of basketball bets on almost any betting website. It should be mentioned that the game of basketball has gained wide popularity in Canada and the USA. These countries are true experts at turning any basketball match into a spectacular show.

Although sports betting strategies are more or less the same, basketball has some specific features. To achieve success in NBA betting, a bettor needs to take basketball specifics into account. This article educates on the top popular basketball betting types and how to apply them the best way to secure big and consistent profits.

How to earn on NBA arbitrage betting

How to make money on NBA arbitrage betting

In arbitrage sports betting, you need to take advantage of varying totals and handicaps. Detecting arbitrage opportunities is an effective way to make profits on basketball bets. Let’s take a hypothetical match played between two basketball teams. A bookmaker is providing the following handicaps and totals:

H1 (–4.5);

H2 (0).

Total Over 160.5;

Total Under 165.5;

The difference between Total Over and Total Under is 5 points. Here we have an arbitrage situation. If both teams manage to score 161–165 points in total, both bets win. If the total score is under 161 points, only bet on Under wins. If, on the contrary, both teams score more than 161 points, bet on Over is the one that brings profits.

Arbitrage betting works on handicaps as well. The difference is 6 points. If Team1 wins by at least 6 points and more, both of your bets will win.

While you will hardly find arbitrage situations for handicaps on the same betting site, you may very well detect some good arbitrage opportunities for totals by one bookmaker.

Among multiple basketball betting strategies, arbitrage betting is probably the most profitable one, with guaranteed profits and minimum risks. If you manage to detect good arbitrage opportunities, you can lock in some juicy profits no matter the outcome.