NBA betting. What makes NBA betting different from other basketball bets

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NBA betting. What makes NBA betting different from other basketball bets

Let us make it clear at the start: NBA betting is very different from all other basketball leagues. The first thing that sets NBA betting apart is its game-packed schedule. NBA games are played every day or every other day.

Frequent games are a big advantage for NBA betting fans: more game outcomes provide more statistical information on basketball teams. If you are a successful bettor and place 55-57% of successful bets, you will double your bankroll much faster than in football betting with its two-games-a-week schedule. For any bettor, the thing that really matters is the amount of winnings and not a per cent of successful bets.

There is one drawback, though. As NBA betting attracts plenty of bettors, bookmakers are particularly scrutinous about calculating odds. Bookmakers realize that any mistake may cost them a fortune. This is why you won’t find value events in NBA betting lines published on betting sites.

What makes NBA betting different from other basketball bets

Make sure that your basketball bets do not exceed 2-3% of your bankroll. You must have noticed that winning streaks alternates with losing ones, when even most sure bets result in bitter disappointment. With game-packed schedule and frivolous money management, you risk playing away your entire bankroll in a nick of time.

Below we have listed some helpful patterns for successful NBA betting.

In the first games of the season, teams tend to earn less points than the public expects them to. This happens due to a preceding break from competition during the off-season. Like in any other sport, basketball teams need some time to get back in shape.

You should not expect much from teams who made significant changes in their lineup during the off-season. The game of basketball requires balanced team work that comes with time.

In NBA playoff games, basketball teams demonstrate poorer performance than earlier in the season. Realizing the importance of a playoff, competing teams focus on defense and act more carefully.

You need to take into account a number of other factors, such as physical shape of your selected team, its performance in home and away games, injuries, motivation at the end of the game (important for handicap and total NBA betting), and many more.

According to many seasoned players, basketball is easier to analyze than other sports. With savvy money management, thorough statistics analysis, and some luck, you have pretty good chances to multiply your bankroll.