Basketball betting: Odd/even score

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Basketball betting: Odd/even score

This strategy deserves to be called a second-popular basketball betting strategy. When using this strategy, you need to predict the most probable outcome of a basketball matchup. While this doesn’t guarantee you winnings, it certainly helps to identify the optimal basketball bets.

Let’s take two hypothetical basketball teams and examine their performance over the last five games, both at home and away. You need to sum up points scored by each team in each match. For each team, we then calculate the arithmetic mean of point total over the last five matches. Then you need to find out how many wins and defeats the home team had in five matches. For each win, add 1 point to its arithmetic mean value. For each defeat, subtract 1.5 points. Do just the same for the guest team. The only difference is that this time you don’t need to add 3 to the arithmetic mean value. Now we have two values for the home team and guest team.

Basketball betting: Odd/even score

To estimate the current state of each team, you need to analyze their performance over the last couple of games.

Let’s take the average mean of points collected over the last couple of years. Divide this value by the number of games. Add the value calculated above and divide the resulting value by two. This is a roughly predicted score by each team in the upcoming matchup.

After we’ve calculated the rough result of the upcoming game, it’s time to proceed to the final step. Let’s analyze the last five games played by the teams. Suppose, Team 1 ended two games with an even score and four games with an odd score. Based on the theory of probabilities, we predict that the team will have an even score in the next matchup. If you sum up 4 even scores, you’ll get an even number. If you sum up odd scores, you’ll have an even number as well.

Following some simple calculations, we calculated a rough score by each team and whether the total score will be divisible by two or not. Now you can place a mathematically sound bet.