NBA Betting. How and where to place profitable basketball bets

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NBA Betting. How and where to place profitable basketball bets

Basketball bets are popular among fans of spectacular and action-packed sports competitions. Betting sites offer a wide selection of betting options, including outcome betting, total betting, handicap betting, and many more.

Basketball bets specifics

  • In basketball, the point total is usually big and varies between 150 and 230 points. This means that random scored baskets impact bettor’s basketball bets to a lesser extent than in hockey and football matches. Furthermore, if you have accounts with a bunch of bookmakers, you should compare betting lines across different bookies. If their totals differ by more than three points, you should consider using a total range strategy.
  • You can select a higher handicap or total without a significant drop in odds, while in football increasing your handicap by just 1 point results in much lower potential winnings.
  • Depending on a bookmaker, outcome bets may or may not include overtime. A major basketball advantage is that a game ending in a draw is highly unlikely. But to fully insure yourself against a draw situation, you can buy a -0.5 handicap for one of the teams, with the odds reducing just slightly.

How to pick the right bookmaker to place basketball bets

After choosing basketball betting as your preferred betting type, you need to start at the beginning and pick the bookmaker that would meet all necessary requirements. We recommend you to pay attention to the following things.

NBA Betting. How and where to place profitable basketball bets

Bookmaker’s profit margin, or how much the odds on equally possible outcomes (e.g., Over/Under betting) differ from 2.0 odds. If the odds are lower than 1.90, you should look for another bookie.

Betting line, or betting options selection. While outcome and basic handicap basketball betting can be found by almost any bookmaker, the opportunities to pick different handicaps are scarce across bookies.

Live betting opportunities. Nowadays, live basketball betting is provided by almost any bookmaker. At the same time, some bookies take live basketball bets during the break only. This is a very important point: suppose, the leading player got injured during the game and the coach decided to pick a reserve player. Here you need to make fast decisions based on the current situation.

Sportingbet bookmaker meets most of the above requirements. This high-profile bookie features a good selection of sports events, multiple basketball betting options, and high odds.