Basketball betting strategy based on lineup changes

[ 14.11.16 ]

Basketball betting strategy based on lineup changes

Over the last three years, this basketball betting strategy has been delivering pretty good results. While it may not guarantee you stable profits long-term, it most definitely can bring you a couple of hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars.

To be able to use this strategy, you need to monitor player buying/selling transactions by NBA clubs. If a club buys a talented player or even two, bookmakers do not hesitate to lower the odds. And vice versa: an accomplished player leaving the club makes the odds go up.

Let’s consider a real-life example to break down how this strategy works. Suppose, you want to place a $33 bet on “Miami Heat”, with odds at 24.

Basketball betting strategy based on lineup changes

This team had been considered by such accomplished players as Chris Bosh and Lebron James who eventually joined it. These changes resulted in the odds tumbling down from 24 to 2.8. With such great athletes under its wing, “Miami Heat” has improved its chances to win the upcoming match. You need to bet on “Miami Heat” to win the game. If the teams wins, your profits will be (24-2.8) х 33 = 700 dollars. Subtract the bookmaker fees. Anyway, if “Miami Heat” is beaten by its rival, you lose nothing.

To apply this betting strategy successfully, you need to follow the latest NBA updates. Watch TV sports news, read sports newspapers, subscribe to newsletters, and more. Once you detected any dynamics in team lineups, make it work to your advantage and use the betting strategy examined above. A big pro is that this strategy is quite versatile and can be used not only for basketball, but for any team sport.

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