NFL Betting

This article explores NFL (National Football League) betting – a sports which is extremely popular in the United States. People bet over 10 bln. dollars on NFL annually. This is an enormous betting industry and a money factory. Staying aside from this madness is quite impossible. So I invite you to figure out this issue which is really worth your attention.

NFL sports betting

With its money lines, handicaps, and totals, NFL sports betting is very much like basketball betting. As NFL betting is based on handicaps and totals, a good bookmaker must be a true expert in American football and set a reasonable profit margin to attract bettors.

More about NFL betting

What makes NFL betting different is that outsiders have extremely low odds. The odds are 3.00-4.00 at best, but mostly they’re hardly above 2.20. If you take a look at the table, you’ll see a large gap between the best and the worst teams. Top teams win 12-14 games out of 16, while weak teams only win in 2-4 games. In NFL betting, it’s probably best to bet on the favorite. On the other hand, going with the trend is a quite risky strategy. We’d recommend you to search for underestimated players.

More about NFL betting

  • No team plays smoothly.

Wins interchanging with losses is quite typical for NFL, especially for average-level teams. Usually, bettors avoid betting on pure wins. They bet on win with negative or positive handicap. Determining the size of a handicap is the most difficult thing.

  • Super Bowl bets are very popular both among ordinary sports lovers and passionate bettors.

With high amounts of bets made on this sports event, you can hardly imagine a situation with a value bet. So you’d better fight the temptation to make it.

NFL betting on champions

Over the last 10 years, 9 NFL teams became Super Bowl winners. New York Giants is the only team to win this title twice. With tight competition, almost a half of all teams have good winning chances.

NFL betting on champions

To give you the idea of how professional this League is, here is mere fact: all of 32 NFL teams are on the list of the world’s 50 most expensive teams. NFL’s Dallas Cowboys are the second, with Real Madrid topping the list.

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have not tried sports betting in this direction. who can share their experience? it works? what results? very interesting to listen to someone more experienced. Sports betting is simply the easiest of all that can really be. sitting favorite football look like. Clicking a button on a keyboard computer. even lying in bed :) and get on a nice reward. why not)))
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