NFL betting: predictions and bets

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NFL betting: predictions and bets

American football – also known as soccer – is a sport of national importance. The Americans are mad about soccer. They watch every single game, make predictions, and share successful NFL betting strategies with each other. A beginning bettor will find it hard to navigate through numerous betting opportunities provided by various betting sites. Along with basic betting types (outcome betting, total betting, handicap betting, etc.), there is a wide selection of less popular betting options. These come in two types: short-term betting and long-term betting.

Long-term NFL sports betting

  • Betting on the Super Bowl winner, i.e. the NFL champion. Some sports betting sites offer this bet type very early in the season, when making accurate NFL betting predictions and identifying the winner is still pretty tough. On other sports betting sites, you can find this bet type later in the season. Anyway, it’s only after the Big Game that you will find out whether your bet won or not.
  • Betting on the conference champion. The National Football Conference champion and the American Football Conference champion then compete in the Super Bowl.

Short-term NFL sports betting

Besides the major betting types, bookmakers are providing the following NFL betting options:

  • NFL betting on a team/player to score the first touchdown. A player needs to take the ball into the opposite end zone, i.e. cross the opponent’s goal line.
  • NFL betting on distance to the first touchdown. Betting sites provide a bunch of accurate betting options in meters.
  • NFL betting on a certain player. You need to select the player to score the most goals in a game.
  • NFL betting on a team to be the first to score a certain point total.
  • NFL betting on the total number of touchdowns scored by a certain team/player.

When making their first steps in NFL sports betting, a novice bettor should remember that bets vary across different betting sites. Before placing a bet, you should find out whether it includes overtime or not.