About NHL betting and NHL betting strategies

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About NHL betting and NHL betting strategies

Hockey bet is just as profitable as football bets. You can register right now and place bets with the best odds available. Or read some useful information on how to place successful bets to secure a flow of winnings. Beginners should know that there are bets on normal play time and overtime. The main difference is how a draw is estimated. Like our service, all bookmakers accept two basic types of bets – bets on normal play time (three periods) and bets on overtime. For normal play time bets, a draw has much lower odds than for overtime bets. For example, the odds for a draw during normal play time are 3.85 – 4.5. At the same time, the odds for a draw during normal time +overtime are 5.5 and higher.

Hockey odds

Most bookies accept two types of bets – bets on normal play time and bets on overtime. This is what makes hockey bet different from other types of betting. Pay special attention to different odds for a draw in main draw games and play offs. Depending on the rules, overtime may be taken into account or not.

If you’re a fan of online NHL betting, pay attention to misconduct penalty and the last minutes’ situation when a losing team changes the goalie for a skater. When using a live hockey betting strategy, bear in mind in both cases the score may change with 40% probability. This means that if the total odds are higher than 1.7, then you should place a bet. It will generate profits in the long run.

NHL betting strategies

But this is not the only effective strategy in hockey betting. There is one simple rule you should follow in order to place successful bets and keep winning: place a bet only when you’re sure it’s successful. Your knowledge about hockey and hockey players and observation skills are also of great importance. Analyzing vast statistical data on previous games will help you make predictions about the upcoming games and place effective bets. Pick 4-5 consecutive games and place bets on each of them. Even if one of your bets loses, other wins will always cover you losses.

Hockey has a pretty tight schedule, allowing to hold three or more games per week. It means that you can collect statistics on hockey matches in no time. All you need to do is to analyze the situation and determine the favorite. With such thorough preparation, placing a successful hockey bet is a piece of cake.