NHL betting. How to make accurate NHL betting predictions

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NHL betting. How to make accurate NHL betting predictions

Hockey is enjoyed wide popularity in the United States, Canada, and some European countries. This is why betting sites provide a variety of profitable hockey betting opportunities and hockey bet.

Mostly, hockey features the same betting options as football.

Outcome NHL betting

You need to predict the winner of the game. You betting options include: Team 1, Team 2 or a draw. This hockey bet usually looks like this: 1-Х-2.

For some hockey matches, you can’t bet on a draw, only the winner. Note that the game may have overtime and shootouts.

Handicap NHL betting

You should opt for handicap betting when the game is played between two unequal rivals. Bookmakers are trying to predict by how many goals the favorite will beat the underdog. Handicaps vary from 0.5 to 1.5. Higher values are uncommon. In hockey, the lead is usually one goal, so betting on the favorite with a handicap of more than 1.5 is a risky venture.

NHL betting predictions

Total NHL betting

You need to predict how many goals both teams will score during the match. Furthermore, you may come across total betting variations, including penalty total and shots on goal total. Note that total betting odds are traditionally high.

How to make NHL betting predictions

Before placing a hockey bet, take time to read the terms. Find out whether your selected hockey bet includes just regulation time or overtime and shootouts as well. This is an important factor that affects the size of the odds.

To make accurate NHL hockey betting predictions, you need to analyze multiple statistical data, including recent performance by the two rival teams.

Here are major parameters to focus on when analyzing statistical data:

  • physical shape and morale;
  • away match statistics;
  • home match statistics;
  • average number of goals per game;
  • head-to-head results;
  • state of team leaders;
  • how long a coach and a team have been working together.

NHL is a major professional hockey league in the hockey industry. This is why bookmakers mostly focus on NHL games that account for the majority of hockey bet placed worldwide.