Types of hockey bet

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Types of hockey bet

Hockey betting is a very exciting pastime. Among all emotions and agitation, don’t lose ties with common sense. If in doubt, do not place a bet at all. Before making the decision, analyze at least 10 latest games featuring both your selected team and its rival. If your predictions are confirmed, it’s time to make a bet.

About NHL betting

When placing hockey bet during a hockey championship, the bettor must understand how this event is different from other hockey championships. This will allow you to predict the outcome correctly. For example, the Switzerland championship and the Czech Republic championships demonstrate different performance and activity level. This means that the average number of goals per Switzerland game is 5.5, while Czech players score just 4.5 goals per match. Such a difference is due to different strategies and championship traditions. Analyzing the performance of different teams, you come one step closer to achieving success in NHL betting.

Today’s bookmakers offer a wide range of hockey bet to choose from. Different types of bets are known as ‘markets’.

Let’s take a look at basic markets. Outcome bet and draw bet are probably the most popular markets among bettors all over the globe. These ordinary bets are recommended for beginners who are making their first steps in NHL betting. Don’t forget to find out whether it’s a normal play time bet or overtime bet. Most bookies take bets on normal play time. If in doubt, place a double bet –for example, 1Х or Х2. This means that you bet on both your selected team’s victory and a draw. On our betting site, we accept bets on both normal play time and overtime.

Here are some other hockey bet types:

  • game total (total number of scores);
  • moneyline betting;
  • prop betting;
  • first goal betting;
  • handicap betting on match or period;
  • live hockey betting.

Choice of hockey bet is huge. A wide range of opportunities means multiple winning options. You will certainly find the optimal bet for yourself. Furthermore, you can combine hockey bets with other sports, such as football or tennis betting. Always remember the key rule: only place a bet when you’re 100% sure it will win. Take your time to think over possible outcomes of the upcoming hockey match. Then pick the optimal bet based on your analysis. Remember that two combination (express) bets are better than one ordinary bet.