How many bookmakers to pick to make money on sports betting?

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How many bookmakers to pick to make money on sports betting?

The Internet offers a great variety of articles like “How to beat bookmakers and keep winning”, “How to place winning sports bets”, and many other. But the problem is that most of them offer commonly known tips and guidelines. Furthermore, such articles may include basic bankroll management tips to help you spend your money wisely. Although these guidelines seem very tough to follow, it’s all pretty simple in real life.

Most beginning players fall into two categories. Some strongly believe that you should stick to just one bookmaker. Others prefer to register with multiple bookies. Unfortunately, neither of these approaches is right.

How many bookmakers to pick to make money on sports betting?

Why betting with multiple bookies is not a good thing

Now let’s break it down: why are both approaches wrong? Suppose, a bettor has several accounts with different bookmakers. On one hand, this is an obvious advantage. Different bookmakers have different odds which is highly beneficial for a bettor. First, you can place profitable sports bets. Second, you can analyze upcoming games and make more accurate betting predictions. At first it seems that a wide selection of bookies is definitely a good thing. This is not entirely true, though. Multiple betting lines make it harder to concentrate and make the right betting prediction.

Do not focus on just one book maker

For staying loyal to a certain bookmaker over a long period of time, you are awarded with pretty impressive money bonuses or other nice perks. However, sticking with one bookie makes it impossible to compare odds across different bookmakers and place profitable sports bets. A quite significant drawback, don’t you think?

The takeaway is obvious: try to find an in-between solution. According to professional bettors, four betting sites is the optimal choice. Make sure that each of your selected bookies is a reliable and trusted company with established reputation. On our website, you will find a list of time-tested and high-profile bookmakers. A great selection to choose from!