Sports Betting. Tottenham vs Liverpool [27.08.16] : Spurs to tear Reds apart

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Sports Betting. Tottenham vs Liverpool [27.08.16] : Spurs to tear Reds apart

Premier League

Matchweek 3


Bet: Tottenham win

In two Premier League matchweeks Tottenham gained 4 points. Choosing bets you should remember that at first Spurs drew 1-1 with Everton and last weekend on White Heart Lane defeated Crystal Palace 1-0. Surprisingly the weakest link of Pokettino’s team was central striker Harry Kane who just disappeared on the field. But nevertheless strong midfielders provided Spurs with goals from Lamela and Wanyama that allowed Tottenham to take points. Though while sports betting it is better to improve performance of attacking line.

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Last season Liverpool was very unstable and this continues up to now. As you remember in betting Reds in matchweek 1 won the game against Arsenal by beating The Gunners 4-3. Rival defense had been torn apart but mercysides’ wasn’t better. It can be said that the attack compensates all defense errors. However Klopp’s team in the matchweek 2 was defeated by newly promoted Burnly. Reds’ defense continued to make mistakes but the attacking line can not to hit the net. To bet correctly Liverpool should not be so wasteful with moments.

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Judging by the first games it is obvious that Spurs need a little improve of the mood as well as catching the distance rhythm. But weak performance of Harry Kane is a big problem. In sports betting it is important to mare right decisions during not only in Premier League but also in Champions League. That’s why Pokettino can rotate forwards – Kane and newly signed Janssen. As to Liverpool bets say that team is not ready to fight for the title due to its instability. But it can reserve place in UCL. Meanwhile Reds have the potential to improve performance by treating injured Sakho, Karius and Lucas. At the same time Tottenham main keeper Lloris is of the game for a while.

By the way the bookmakers give only a slight preference for the home team: Tottenham - 2.37; Draw - 3.40; Liverpool - 2.90. First of all I must say that the important factor is White Heart Lane. Moreover in the Spurs defense there aren’t such fires like in Reds’. Therefore frankly speaking bet on Tottenham win is obvious. In last season teams made two draws 0-0 and 1-1. Today we may say unlikely that the score will be big. That’s why Total Match Goals Under 2.5 (2.05) Goals may be through. Another bet may be “Tottenham win and score Under 2.5” (5.50).

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