Sports betting strategy. Martingale and D’Alembert financial strategies

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Sports betting strategy. Martingale and D’Alembert financial strategies

Some of sports betting strategies were borrowed from online gambling industry. Such strategies are known as “financial strategies.” At the same time, betting experts prefer to call them mathematical strategies because they have nothing to do with sport and incorporate purely mathematical calculations.

Martingale: top popular sports betting strategy

Martingale system is a most commonly used sports betting strategy. Originally intended for casino gambling, Martingale strategy allows you to stay in the black even if you’re on a losing streak. But along with high effectiveness, Martingale sports betting strategy incorporates a high level of risk. When applied recklessly, Martingale system may lead to huge losses.

Let’s break down how Martingale sports betting strategy works. If your bet loses, you need to double your next bet. Once your bet wins, you need to return to your original bet amount. Suppose, you placed a $100 bet. If you bet loses, you need to wager $200, then $400, and so on will you succeed. Once your bet wins, you need to reduce your bet down to $100. To maximize your benefit from Martingale system, you should pick sports outcomes with the odds starting from 2.0.

Just like any sports betting strategy, Martingale system has its flaws. First, you may not have enough money on your account to place another double bet. Second, your bet may exceed the maximum bet limit set by your selected bookmaker. Third, stress may definitely take its toll on you. Martingale is an emotionally challenging strategy that only stress-resistant bettors can handle. Think twice about whether you’re okay with doubling your bet again and again.

D’Alembert pyramid system

D’Alembert sports betting strategy is another profitable yet risky betting system. Just like the Martingale system, it was too originally developed for casino lovers.

According to D’Alembert betting strategy, you need to increase your bet by 1 unit after each loss and reduce it by 1 unit after each win.

You need to determine the size of one unit by yourself, based on the size of your bankroll.

D’Alembert sports betting strategy proves most effective when used with the odds of 3-4. After each win, you can return to your original bet, instead of reducing it by one unit. By adjusting the strategy like that, you can lower your risks.

Although a very popular and profitable strategy, D’Alembert pyramid betting system will probably end in a negative balance in the long term.

The Contra D’Alembert sports betting strategy works vice versa. According to Contra D’Alembert betting system, you need to increase your bet by one unit when you win and reduce your bet by one unit when you lose. This is an ideal strategy for winning streaks.