Martingale sports betting strategy: pitfalls

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Martingale sports betting strategy: pitfalls

Just like online casino lovers, sports betting fans are using various profitable strategies to boost their profits and minimize losses. Martingale strategy is a popular betting system widely used in the sports betting industry. According to this strategy, you need to keep betting on the same outcome till you win.

Advantages of Martingale sports betting strategy

This sports betting strategy has proven its effectiveness multiple times. Furthermore, it is very easy to understand and requires no special skills. Even beginners won’t have any trouble applying it to improve their betting performance and lock in juicy profits. However, to use Martingale betting strategy, you still need two things – time and money on your bookmaker account. Although Martingale system seems flawless in theory, there are factors which may heavily impact its effectiveness.

Sports betting strategy - Martingale

As you probably know, football is the best sport to use Martingale sports betting strategy. First and foremost, you should consider betting on draw because this outcomes features the highest odds. For Martingale sports betting strategy, high odds are an ideal option. If your first bet loses, you need to increase your next bet to cover the previous loss and make a profit.

Drawbacks of Martingale sports betting strategy

Martingale betting system comes in different variations, with short-term and long-term Martingale being the most popular ones. Let’s start with the short-term Martingale strategy. Suppose, “Austria” is playing in five matches. This team is famous for ending many of its matches in a draw. Just as expected, “Austria” drawed some of the matches. The odds on a draw outcome are 3.0. You place a $10 bet. If you bet wins, you start a new sequence. If your bet loses, you should bet on the same outcome in the next “Austria” match. Short-term Martingale strategy had its flaws, though. First, many bookmakers have maximum bet limits to cut bettors’ potential winnings. Second, your picking the wrong team may result in severe losses.

In the long-term Martingale strategy, you keep betting on draw as well. But if your bet wins, you continue to increase your bet instead of cutting it. As the name suggests, this betting strategy is applied over a long period of time, e.g. during a championship. If you know which teams to pick, you can count on juicy winnings.