Spread Betting

Nowadays, spread betting is becoming increasingly popular among bettors. In this article, we’ll look at this new trend in sports betting and how to use it.

Not so long ago, few bettors heard about sports spread betting. With dramatic increase in popularity of bookies, this type of bets has found its target audience as well.

When making a standard sport bet on the outcome, you deposit a certain amount of money and know exactly how much money you may win in case of success. Moreover, you know how much you may lose – which is the amount of your bet.

More about sports spread betting

Spread betting is a slightly different thing. Firstly, there is no need to invest money at once. A bookmaker will probably check availability of money on your account but won’t write it off. Second, the amount of winnings or losses are calculated after the sports event is over. Third, you can always sell you spread bets, i.e. get the money before the sports event is over.

More about sports spread betting

Example of spread betting

Let’s take an example to see how sports spread betting works from a bookmaker’s perspective.

Suppose, a bookie expects a certain team to score 60 goals during the season. But you expect that this figure will be much higher. You make a $10 bet. Then it turns out that your favorite team scored 100 goals over the season. You winnings will be calculated as follows: (100-60)*10=400 dollars. But what if your team scored just 40 goals? Your loss will be: (50-40)*10=100 dollars. As you can see, you may either win, or lose a vast sum of money.

Example of spread betting

Our tip is to be wary when dealing with spread betting. Remember that you may not know the amount of your potential loss in advance. On the other hand, even a small bet may bring you x10 winnings or more. Anyway, there is no denying that sports spread betting has made sports gambling even more exciting.

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