Types of spread betting

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Types of spread betting

Sports spread betting comes in all forms and sizes. Feel free to try them all out to pick the most profitable ones.

Totals in spread betting

This is the total number of certain events during the game, e.g. goals, penalties, falls, and other. A bookie makes a prediction, and the bettor needs to place a more/less bet. For example, if the bookie sets a 7-8 spread, there will be two types of bets – bets on less than 7 and bets on more than 8. Furthermore, the way the points are given may differ among bookies. For example, yellow card and red card are worth a different number of points.

It’s time to apply these rules in real-life spread betting. We have found a good bookie for you to start winning right now!

Handicap in spread betting

Handicap is typical for games with two teams of different levels, i.e. with a strong favorite. In this case, the bookie may offer a 2.5-3 handicap. If the bettor bets on more, they will be rewarded if the favorite will lead with 4 or more goals. To make the correct prediction, you should analyze statistical data, physical fitness of players, and many other factors.

Although the above information is true for football, spreads can be used in other sports as well, including tennis (number of games), snooker (number of frames), and basketball (point total). These are just few types of spreads. Sometimes, bookmakers add new types of spreads. Bear in mind, though, that not all spread types are equally profitable for the bettor. Here your sports betting experience is imperative to success.

Sports spread betting is only recommended for seasoned bettors. Avoid placing a spread bet unless you understand its terms.