Super Bowl Bets

Super bowl bets are among the most popular types of bets in the United States. Super Bowl enjoys a more than 50-years’ history. Over twenty top American arenas hosted this legendary match.

Curious facts about Super Bowl bets

No other mass culture event in the US is as corruptive as Super Bowl and super bowl bets. Profiteers earn hundreds of millions of dollars on reselling Super Bowl tickets at sky-high prices. It’s hard to imagine but the tickets are resold several times throughout a year. This year, for example, the cheapest ticket cost $4,000 (70% more than 2 years ago). For aVIP ticket, you had to pay a whopping $800,000.

No one knows who and how gets Super Bowl tickets at their initial prices. But one thing is pretty clear: if you resell one or two Super Bowl tickets, you’ll be able to live off your profit for the entire year, till the next event.

There are two categories of guests that are always welcome at the main sports event of the year: very rich people and very influential people. There are hardly any exceptions. Or will ever be.

Curious facts about Super Bowl bets

Bookmakers and Super Bowl bets

Every Super Bowl match brings billions of dollars into the pockets of shadowy bookmakers in the form of Super Bowl bets. As you probably know, sports betting is banned in America. However, there are plenty of people willing to bet a couple of hundreds of dollars on their favorite team to make the game even more exciting and spectacular. Illegal bookmakers are ready to satisfy this need. They are willing to take Super Bowl bets. As a result, the state suffers enormous tax losses.

What Super Bowl bets mean for the Americans

Every Super Bowl match makes the Americans unproductive. A week before the game, people start to waste their working time on talking about the upcoming match, predictions, Super Bowl bets, and group viewings. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas consulting agency, companies lose at least 1 billion dollars every year, because their employees cannot focus on their work.

What Super Bowl bets mean for the Americans

Furthermore, there are too many ambulance calls on the day of Super Bowl. While some people are taken to hospital with food, alcohol or drug (cocaine mostly) intoxication, others suffer cardiac arrests. The last category includes ardent fans and Super Bowl bets lovers, who take every single point too seriously. Family rows are yet another negative consequence of Super Bowl bets. The Americans are already used to the titles like ‘Man Shot His Wife For Preventing Him To Watch Super Bowl’ or ‘Woman Killed for Throwing Remote Control Into Rubber Bin’.

Anyway, Super Bowl is a world-class sports event that is surely worth watching, but with a cold head on your shoulders. If you want to make Super Bowl bets, try to block your emotions and stay reasonable.

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Well ... quite interesting to read the text given above. although it will not say what brought him straight up so much new and useful information. but still useful. at least in order to spend free time :) newcomers just 11 mastread !!!!!!!!!!!!
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First encounter with such information. Interesting. I know very little about sports betting. But you promote my learning and understanding the basic terms and conditions of the game in this area. should thank for it. Respect your site! would like to hear the opinion of others about sports betting. almost certain that there is in this :) pensioners who have already earned at a luxurious life lol.
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Only bet here. Only then you can win
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