The 50th Super Bowl made history as an immensely expensive show followed by social unrest

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The 50th Super Bowl made history as an immensely expensive show followed by social unrest

Super Bowl – the grand finale of the National Football League (NFL) – took place on February 8, 2016 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. In 2016, the greatest event in the American sport celebrated its golden anniversary. Just as always, the 50th Super Bowl featured sky-high expenses, mind-blowing commercial rates, and even disturbances in Denver where the police had to use tear gas to dissipate the crowd.

The American dream

For an average American, Super Bowl can be compared to a sacred ritual. Sport fans starts to get ready for the next Super Bowl the next day after the previous one. A most curious thing is that most fans have no interest in the match per se. They are attracted by the unique atmosphere of the grand event. Organizers spend millions of dollars to make Super Bowl an unforgettable show to see both live and on TV. It needs to be said that each year heavy investments and efforts pay off completely.

Over the last couple of years, every new Super Bowl breaks the records of its predecessor. The latest 50th Super Bowl was no exception. The Big Game was played at Levi’s Stadium located in Santa Clara, California. According to the National Retail Federation, the Americans spent the record-breaking 15.5 billion dollars during the match.

The 50th Super Bowl made history as an immensely expensive show followed by social unrest

According to unofficial sources, the broadcast of the game was watched by 189 million viewers. This is 5 million more than the last year when 183.7 million people tuned in to enjoy the extravaganza. Average expenses per person amounted to $82.19 vs. $77.88 for the last year’s event.

Around 43.3 million Americans threw a party, while a whopping 70 million people preferred to pay a visit to their friends and family to watch the Big Game together. About 8.6 million respondents were going to buy a new TV especially for the game.

Top ratings give TV networks the right to charge mind-blowing rates for commercials during the broadcast. For about 80% of Super Bowl viewers, TV ads as an integral part of the Super Bowl. Dozens of high-profile companies and brands are fighting for the right to show their most memorable and touching commercials to the excited audience. This year, CBS charged 5 million dollars for a 30-second commercial. Last year this number was 500,000 dollars less.

Scalpers too have earned huge profits. Right before the game, they were pushing 500-1,000-dollar tickets for 8,000-10,000 dollars. On the official Super Bowl website, VIP tickets retailed for about 13,000 dollars. Some go-getters even managed to sell tickets at three-four times the original price.

Super Bowl is not just a sports event but also a spectacular pop festival with performances by the best entertainers, delicious food, and drinks. According to data from the National Chicken Council, the Americans consumed 1.3 billion chicken wing portions while watching the grand finale.