Tennis betting strategies: double betting and game betting

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Tennis betting strategies: double betting and game betting

Surrounded by numerous tennis betting tactics and strategies, remember that it’s the player who determines the success of any sports betting system. This is what makes sports betting different from roulette where you can only hope that today luck will be on your side. First, you should make reasonable and savvy decisions. Second, you need to have deep knowledge of both weak spots and talents of your selected tennis player. Second, you must watch tennis matches on a regular basis. These factors are key to success in tennis betting.

We are offering you the most interesting tennis betting strategies out there. An experienced bettor can turn these strategies into efficient money-making tools. This article focuses on double betting strategy and game betting strategy.

Double betting strategy

Let’s start with an example for a better understanding. A Croatian tennis player Ivo Karlovic is competing against an American John Isner on a grass court. The odds are as follows: 2.4 on game total under 24.5 and 1.6 on over 24.5

We know that both tennis players are very good at serving. Both of them almost never lose serves, especially on slippery courts, where the opponent struggles to move from the place to break the serve.

Strategies for sucesfully Tennis betting

But we are not the only ones who know this. Bookmakers too know this very well. As a result, they calculate large totals to make it harder for bettors to win.

Which strategy to choose? What factors should this strategy base on? You must know how good a tennis player is at serving, what tennis court cover is used, which of the two players is a stronger rival, and other. And of course, it goes without saying that your conclusions based on these factors must be correct.

Let’s place two tennis bets:

  • betting on total more than 24.5 with the odds of 1.6 (100$ х 1,6 = 160 $)
  • betting on your favorite player with the score of 2:0, with the odds of 2.7 (60 $ х 2,7 = 162$).

If one of your bets wins, you and bookmaker get even. If both of your bets win, you lock in double profits.

Note that you may use this strategy in multiple variations.

Game betting strategy

Many tennis betting fans prefer to wager on the winner of a certain game. This betting type is available as live betting only. The odds on the outcome when a returner wins the game are very attractive and may reach 3.0 – 4.0.

To make this tennis betting strategy work for your bankroll, you need to be good at estimating a constantly changing situation. Game betting options are only available for major tennis events. If one of the rivals is a bad or – on the contrary – very skilled server, game betting is just what you need.

Furthermore, this tennis betting strategy incorporates a curious psychological aspect. Suppose, a server is losing the match. For them, losing a serve means losing a set or the entire match. With everything put at stake, few tennis players can overcome stress and perform well. Even a returner may be a bit nervous but it’s mostly excitement rather than panic. This is an ideal tennis betting opportunity for break hunters.