Tennis betting: long-term and combination

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Tennis betting: long-term and combination

This article is not about arbitrage opportunities, Martingale betting system, and other curious things not directly related to sports. Although such betting strategies can generate profits, they have more of math than sports in them. We will focus on strategic decision-making by a bettor who considers themselves a tennis expert.

Long-term tennis betting

If you are a patient person who is not tempted by the desire to make quick money, long-term tennis betting is your ideal choice. What makes long-term tennis betting different from other betting strategies is that the odds are being adjusted to ever-changing circumstances. Long-term betting options for different sports are available on multiple betting sites. Tennis is the best sport imaginable to make advantage of a long-term betting strategy. When a bookmaker is calculating a betting line for one of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments several months in advance, they are relying on the current situation only. But as a tennis player is delivering different results during the season, the odds are changing. For example, if a tennis player wins a major tournament, their odds drop multiple times. You can place a big bet on a promising player. Later, if this tennis player makes it to the finals, you will lock in good winnings.

Long-term tennis betting and combination tennis betting

Combination tennis betting with low odds

Many bookmakers allow bettors to pick different options of the same outcome. For example, in handicap betting you can choose a less risky handicap (-2.5 instead of -4.5). In total betting, you can pick 17.5 games rather than 20.5. Less risky options feature lower odds (sometimes, the odds are twice as low). Use this strategy if you’re 100% positive that your selected favorite is a confident fighter (for handicap betting) or your favorite’s opponent will hold serves in at least 50% of games (for total Over betting). While your profits are modest, you can still increase them by using combination betting. As you probably know, a combination bet incorporates several bets. For your combination bet to win, each of your bets must be successful. For example, by bringing low odds (1.3, 1.4 and 1.45) together in a combination bet, you can easily increase the odds to 2.64 (1.3 х 1.4 х 1.45 = 2.64).

Additional tennis betting options

Fortunately for many tennis bettors, bookmakers offer a variety of additional tennis betting options. At major tennis tournaments (especially during the finals), tennis betting lines feature a great selection of additional tennis betting types, including aces betting, betting on mistakes in doubles, first serve betting, and other. All these betting options provide great money-making opportunities.

When the situation is vague and you cannot identify the favorite, knowing each player’s advantages and talents (e.g., how good they are at serving, returning, etc.) may be of great help in tennis betting. For example, most bookmakers calculate serve totals only based on previous matches, without taking a player’s potential into account. But the situation may change dramatically in the next match. By ignoring additional tennis betting options, you’re missing plenty of profitable betting opportunities.