Tennis player’s physical shape as a tennis betting strategy

[ 21.10.16 ]

Tennis player’s physical shape as a tennis betting strategy

Everyone has found themselves in a situation when you fail at the easiest things. This may result from serious distracting factors or chronic fatigue. Another possible reason may be a resounding victory that causes a player – surrounded by the media hype and all things related to it – to lose concentration and stray off course. Professional tennis betting experts estimate such situations very carefully. They try to predict whether this factor will impact a player’s performance or not.

Such situations are quite common in the world of sports. Even the greatest athletes are no immune to a threat like this. Let’s take Rafael Nadal, the best clay-court player in tennis history. Following his winning streak in the first half of 2014 (Australian Open title, Madrid Open title, a 5th consecutive win at Roland Garros), he suffered a string of shocking defeats during the rest of the season. One of the possible reasons is psychological burnout as a result of crazy workloads. Nonetheless, the famous Spaniard continued to take part in competitions. Many bettors tested their luck by betting on Nadal’s opponents. During that unlucky season, Nadal was beaten by five out of twelve rivals, while the renowned athlete usually loses to one out of ten opponents tops. Moreover, all opponents ranked much lower than Nadal, and two of them didn’t even make it to top 100.

Tennis player’s physical shape as a tennis betting strategy

Sometimes a tennis player competes at an “unneeded” tournament. This is usually a minor competition closely followed by a larger and more important tournament where the player need to defend their last year’s position – otherwise they risk to rank lower. Making a choice between two competitions, one of which is worth twice as many points as the other, is pretty easy. It’s not uncommon that tennis players simulate injuries and other health problems to withdraw from competition. In this case, a seasoned bettor needs to know how ranking points are assigned.

This tennis betting strategy cannot be considered an entirely sports approach. A totalizer system is not compatible with mistakes and requires a professional attitude to tennis betting.

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