Tennis Betting Strategy

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Tennis Betting Strategy

Multiple sports fans bet on the outcomes of tennis matches. Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, and bettors’ attention to it is hardly surprising.

Tennis has its tennis betting strategies developed based on special characteristics of this sport. The system discussed below is used for live tennis betting. We recommend to apply this strategy for major tournaments consisting of multiple tennis matches.

How to prepare for tennis betting

First and foremost, pick tennis events you find most interesting. It’s highly desirable that your selected tennis games have a strong favorite with low odds. Check statistical data, read the latest tennis news, and analyze previous tennis matches. It’s important that your selected favorite does not have any injuries preventing them from winning.

Monitor the odds

After picking a tennis event, wait for it to start. In live tennis betting, monitoring the constantly changing odds is imperative to success. The first set is especially important.

Strong tennis players competing for the top places are trying to make their strengths last during the entire tournament. Underdogs act just the opposite: they know that every new game may become their last.

This is why leading tennis players avoid delivering top-class performance early in the tournament. It’s not uncommon that a weaker contender makes the favorite sweat in the first set. All this is immediately reflected in the odds set by bookies and makes tennis betting on favorite more profitable.

After letting the rival show what they’re worth, a strong tennis player starts to give it all in the second game.

In any case, this strategy makes bookmakers increase the odds. Sometimes the growth is very dramatic, especially if the initial odds were very low.

Favorite’s strength

Such behavior does not even remotely suggest that the favorite has surrendered. As already said above, many tennis players save their strengths or just need much time to ‘tune in’. But they beat their rival in the end.

As soon as the strong tennis player starts taking the lead, their odds go up immediately.

If, for example, in the beginning the favorite had 1.05 odds, which made betting on favorite quite unreasonable. But the odds may grow by 4-6 times to reach the impressive 1.2-1.3.

As soon as the favorite shows their edge over a weaker player, the odds will go back to low. But before it happens, the bettor has an amazing opportunity to place a successful bet.

Tips on live tennis betting

Your selected bookmaker should deliver smooth performance for live tennis betting. In situations where every second matters, you must be able to place bets easily and without technical problems.