Zero handicap and negative handicap in tennis betting

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Zero handicap and negative handicap in tennis betting

As you probably already know, tennis betting requires a highly competent approach. Along with basic rules, a bettor needs to know all tennis specifics. Tennis betting lines with multiple betting options are another thing that sets tennis betting apart from other betting types. All this allows a bettor to build their own winning strategy for successful tennis betting.

This article focuses on two interesting tennis betting strategies – zero handicap betting and negative handicap betting.

Zero handicap in tennis betting

Suppose, opponents have roughly equal chances. Then along with equal odds (1.85 vs. 1.85) a bookmaker may offer a zero handicap bet (by game) with roughly the same odds. For your zero handicap bet to win, your selected tennis player must beat their opponent by at least one won game. If your selected athlete and the opponent win the same number of games, you get your original bet back.

Zero handicap and negative handicap in tennis betting

A good thing about zero handicap betting is that you may win even if your selected favorite is losing the match. For example, the match ended with the score of 6:2, 4:6, 6:7, where the favorite has 16 (6+4+6) games and their opponent only has 15 (2+6+7) games.

In zero handicap betting, your knowing your selected player well (their strong qualities, defense skills, etc.) is of crucial importance. If you are sure that your selected tennis player will not lose more than one game and will fight for every single point even if they had a bad start, zero handicap betting is a great option. As strange as it may seem, while you may go wrong with the favorite, your choice of a tennis betting strategy will be absolutely right.

Negative handicap in tennis betting

In some cases, we recommend you to consider negative handicap betting. Suppose, your favorite player has low odds (e.g, 1.3) that won’t bring you much profits. This is when negative handicap betting comes in very handy. For example, a -3.5 handicap means that your selected player must lead by at 4 games at least. The score may look like 6:4, 6:4 for a two-set match and 6:4, 4:6, 6:2 for a three-set match.

In case with negative handicap betting, you must be 100% positive that your selected favorite is much stronger than their opponent and will by a wide margin.